Work in Progress/WIP report

TSRW view of some 
-biomecha eyes  I threw together. They appear rather normal ingame (Aphena is wearing them in left pic), so back to the drawing board!

- More pics of Aphena steam-punk photo sessions.

photos taken for emhpb's upcoming release for her new wing pack
-series of bas relief murals, was set aside--almost complete.
-upcoming sim upload by request: Sienna (for Kayla!)

About sim file sharing:

I wasn't aware until today that non-default skins are packaged into sims3pack files (that could be over 30 image files) and added to a person's game regardless of whether or not it was previously installed. I have seen the issue with the charcoal and shiny sims, but I was not aware that the files were being so intrusive.
When I learned of this, I removed my sims3pack for Rain. I will repackage her wearing a default skin tone and upload the new file (if I package her in my default skin, the game will automatically process your default skin when you load the file--no new files are installed and no charcoal sims). I'm guessing most people do not know about this info.
Rez Delnava, the creator of the UI mod that enables use of non-defaults skins (MTS) has stated repeatedly that the game was never meant to be processing these types of files.

Spilling your Guts- Sci-fi Style

Photos and a download

        Meet Aphena Xi, time traveling sim. Born in the Mines of Tanizlar eons ago, Aphena travels the fabric of space-time looking to unravel it's mysteries and behold its beauty. Today she is nestled in the Oxycoral Reefs of her home planet. A time to rest and dream about new lands.

She is my favorite model, and I will be posting some photo series that feature her in settings ranging from space travel to steam-punk. Eventually all picture posts will be transferred to their own blog.

* indicates: not released yet Photo Credits: fish and sea life meshes Gamesir, Aphena'*s skin ladyfrontbum Asian, Sanskrit eye tattoo by GCS*, World file: Mines of Tanizlar* (Oxycoral lot) by GCS, Eyes "PrivateEyes" by GCS*, Swimsuit ?

This was the first custom package I ever created, it's been a loose end since mid-July. I plan on making a series of these, eventually.
Emhpb and I were chatting one day and she was kind enough to tutor me in creating this tattoo in Gimp.
Special thanks to her for making this project possible. She is a kind and patient instructor and I hope to collaborate with her more often in the future.

Bikini by Rustynail

Download Bio-mechanical Tattoo in package format 228kb plus jpeg preview image--please note this file was compressed with Jfade's tool: 

I will upload sims3pack when I can figure out how to get my thumbnail working for it but if you really can't live without the sims3pack, private msg me.


rainbow through the Rain

Lifetime wish: Martial Arts Master

Traits: Artistic, Computer Whiz, Disciplined, Eccentric, Genius
Loves cookies, your custom music and berry shades of violet.

Custom Content for Rain:
I use Bloom's default foot replacement: sexyfeet (optional)
Eyes:T-eyes contacts @ Subaxi
now if for any reason you don't like the freckle skin, she looks very nice with ladyfrontbum's original skin (the upturned nose one)
lips: lemonleaf
Blush:Swoop by ladyfrontbum
eyeshadow: WA
Slider references
(I use all sliders, my sim's altered features will "snap back" if you do not have the same ones I used)
UI mod double slider value Rez @ MTS
Awesome Mod  @ 5x slider count value, 
Bella3lek4's Facial Feature sliders
Delphy Breast MTS sliders 
Johna's set of 10 body  MTS sliders
Johna slider MTS hacks
Cleft CHIN by My Blue Book slider
Height slider:   Delphy MTS

-Daytime wear: A.M.S.set01 here.
tank top: ?
feather earrings: xsims
pants, shoes EA

-Evening: Dress: AnnaMaria sims set 01
Sandals, glasses Ea

tank top: lilisims
cotton baggy pants: ?

-Athletic wear:
Glasses by Robokitty @ KittyClan
heart charm bracelet:?
V neck shirt: Sweet Maiden Sims
Bodice/leg warmers Icon sims
af ballet shoe by Irink@a

-Swimwear: *corrected to Liana sims
Navel ring ladyfrontbum http://www.ladyfrontbum.com/
often running off somewhere

Photo credit: my furnished version of Qube Design's Fire-hall Loft

download Rain Michaels in .zip (.sim file) I will re-upload sims3pack when I have removed the non-default skin files.



.dds format texture files for non-commercial use

Here are 33 of my texture files from my sci-fi exploration project (which is currently on hold)
texture/patterns in .dds format for TS3 creations. Some of these were created to make terrain paints and some were not. I think they would make wonderful CAS patterns, but I haven't really dabbled in that arena yet so feel free to make some! I have tons more textures, will post more later if there is any interest.
The terms of service from where I got the images for these prohibit commercial use so keep them FREE.

All that I ask is that you post back a link of what you made on my blog comments somewhere--so we I don't reinvent the wheel (so to speak), when I return to terrain paints and patterns projects at a later time. Only because it would be wasteful to spend time making these into patterns, for example, if you have already done so.

***DDS viewer for windows plug-in available @

created in gimp

download .zip file here.


Compression for the masses-MOVED post

Ok so I re-read the blurb on the compression and its clear that I need to fire up the techno-blab blog and keep this nice and neat for creations.

Read the full post here >>GCS writing in the margins
I will keep shop talk in that publication but you can find links to it by going to the tools tab in this blog.

Technicolor Awe

UPDATE: by request, added diego mural in sims3pack format. Will post both formats in combo for new creations from this time forward.

preview of imminent  released.

Took a peek around some and realized that there are many world maps out there in all shapes and sizes.
So rather than continue my series on maps,  I decided to assemble works that I would personally enjoy in my home or office.
The first was a intended as a series but I picked a strange mesh to clone and had some issues. GCS presents a sculpture by LAA based on the cover art from a novel.Reversible, can be posted facing either way as the image is applied to both surfaces of the mesh.
Original mesh by D&M.


Download in package format: mediafire
File includes both works in seperate packages.
NEW: Download Fresco in 4panels only: both formats sims3pack and package: mediafire

photo credits:
-Madison's Modern Loft and Showroom by me
-baufive rugs and runners 
-model: Madison Paige by me
-Stylist Sims sofa
-plants by luna sims lulamai
-books and cup clutter by SimplyStyling

My second gift is a Vibrant Fresco mural in 4 seamless panels for the astute space designer.
Diego Rivera's 1934 Man at the Crossroads is both stunning and poignant.

And it looks wonderful ingame.
Download link above.
additional credits:
-Peter and Inge for the ts3 Object cloner app.
-the makers of GIMP (woohoo!)
-original mesh by Aikea Guinea (2 tile graffiti)


Vintage Maps

Here they are.
Vintage maps for you to enjoy.
I'm already working on my next series of wall deco. A sample of the images can be found in an earlier post. Some map textures were just too wide to include in this set without serious distortion. Those few vintage maps will be made into large wall murals.

VINTAGE MAPS wallcharts series01, 12 variations included.

Variation of maps including one of Middle Earth (LOTR--pshhh no you're a geek! not me) and custom made vintage maps of Twinbrook, Sunset Valley and Riverview,  named in Simlish.
Visit the exotic places of the past with this collection of 12 vintage maps from around the world and beyond. Original mesh by baufive http://b5studio.blogspot.com/
The lovely rugs you see in this screenshots are also from baufive.
 Most of the photos were taken inside my LOFT building project (work in progress-see earlier posts for details)

additional credits:
-Peter and Inge for the ts3 Object cloner app.
-bigmusclepaul@TSR for the fireman loft house (bottom photo)
-the makers of GIMP (woohoo!)
-SIMale @inseminator for the simlish font used on some of the maps:

download in .package format from mediafire
*error in package content now fixed, pls download new .zip

HERE> (fixed)