machinima tools

Are you making movies in TS3?
If so I have a few gold nuggets you might be interested in that add some fancy controls animations and such.

GOODIES for video making and interesting screenshots:
MTS mods for menu enhancement and machinima

PLEASE NOTE**I kindly (but insistently) recommend (do it) that you BACK UP your game before dabbling in these mods.

chaos carrier mod by ChaosMageX

This mod allows sim to to carry certain objects, great for staging.
You can put them in your inventory too--which is sweet for whipping out swords and stuff, incognito.

GIVE mod
Allows your sim to give stuff in their inventory to other sims, with or without relationship perks.
Chaos mod painting

ANIMATION aid to machinima makers! I've used this to create some great pics of sims in burning buildings. Adds a whole plethora of actions.

Twallan's treasure

This mod adds a menu called "Master Controller" to the following items in town:

1) Every Sim
2) Every Computer
3) Every Lot
4) City Hall

Adds tons of customizable options, just be sure to read through the description as it contains tons of data.

You can also look into Twallan's other mods to suit your needs, he has many options for mods that are generally found in core mods so if core mods scare the bejeezus outa you, he is your man.


These mods are updated for patches REALLY quickly.

Last but not least
Awesome mod
Core mod (can only be one in your game)
Please, for your own sake, read the Manual ! This is NOT a simple mod and can really f&*% up your game if you jump in blindly.
info and features

If you decide its for you, you can download it here.

Don't forget to add your configuration to your mods folder along with awesome mod.
Config generator for awesome mod

These will add some menu options to various objects (mailboxes, computers, paintings etc.) and sims. They will also enable some commands.
Any new tips posted in blog posts will be transferred or linked here for your convenience.

If you have problems with these, please refer back to the creator.