Work in Progress/WIP report

TSRW view of some 
-biomecha eyes  I threw together. They appear rather normal ingame (Aphena is wearing them in left pic), so back to the drawing board!

- More pics of Aphena steam-punk photo sessions.

photos taken for emhpb's upcoming release for her new wing pack
-series of bas relief murals, was set aside--almost complete.
-upcoming sim upload by request: Sienna (for Kayla!)

About sim file sharing:

I wasn't aware until today that non-default skins are packaged into sims3pack files (that could be over 30 image files) and added to a person's game regardless of whether or not it was previously installed. I have seen the issue with the charcoal and shiny sims, but I was not aware that the files were being so intrusive.
When I learned of this, I removed my sims3pack for Rain. I will repackage her wearing a default skin tone and upload the new file (if I package her in my default skin, the game will automatically process your default skin when you load the file--no new files are installed and no charcoal sims). I'm guessing most people do not know about this info.
Rez Delnava, the creator of the UI mod that enables use of non-defaults skins (MTS) has stated repeatedly that the game was never meant to be processing these types of files.

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