Technicolor Awe

UPDATE: by request, added diego mural in sims3pack format. Will post both formats in combo for new creations from this time forward.

preview of imminent  released.

Took a peek around some and realized that there are many world maps out there in all shapes and sizes.
So rather than continue my series on maps,  I decided to assemble works that I would personally enjoy in my home or office.
The first was a intended as a series but I picked a strange mesh to clone and had some issues. GCS presents a sculpture by LAA based on the cover art from a novel.Reversible, can be posted facing either way as the image is applied to both surfaces of the mesh.
Original mesh by D&M.


Download in package format: mediafire
File includes both works in seperate packages.
NEW: Download Fresco in 4panels only: both formats sims3pack and package: mediafire

photo credits:
-Madison's Modern Loft and Showroom by me
-baufive rugs and runners 
-model: Madison Paige by me
-Stylist Sims sofa
-plants by luna sims lulamai
-books and cup clutter by SimplyStyling

My second gift is a Vibrant Fresco mural in 4 seamless panels for the astute space designer.
Diego Rivera's 1934 Man at the Crossroads is both stunning and poignant.

And it looks wonderful ingame.
Download link above.
additional credits:
-Peter and Inge for the ts3 Object cloner app.
-the makers of GIMP (woohoo!)
-original mesh by Aikea Guinea (2 tile graffiti)


  1. Oh Mystic cheese these are wounderful!!!
    xox Love LooniKayla :)

  2. very nice !!!! but i prefer sims3pack !! ;°(

  3. I will post one for you GuijoBo, I understand.