rainbow through the Rain

Lifetime wish: Martial Arts Master

Traits: Artistic, Computer Whiz, Disciplined, Eccentric, Genius
Loves cookies, your custom music and berry shades of violet.

Custom Content for Rain:
I use Bloom's default foot replacement: sexyfeet (optional)
Eyes:T-eyes contacts @ Subaxi
now if for any reason you don't like the freckle skin, she looks very nice with ladyfrontbum's original skin (the upturned nose one)
lips: lemonleaf
Blush:Swoop by ladyfrontbum
eyeshadow: WA
Slider references
(I use all sliders, my sim's altered features will "snap back" if you do not have the same ones I used)
UI mod double slider value Rez @ MTS
Awesome Mod  @ 5x slider count value, 
Bella3lek4's Facial Feature sliders
Delphy Breast MTS sliders 
Johna's set of 10 body  MTS sliders
Johna slider MTS hacks
Cleft CHIN by My Blue Book slider
Height slider:   Delphy MTS

-Daytime wear: A.M.S.set01 here.
tank top: ?
feather earrings: xsims
pants, shoes EA

-Evening: Dress: AnnaMaria sims set 01
Sandals, glasses Ea

tank top: lilisims
cotton baggy pants: ?

-Athletic wear:
Glasses by Robokitty @ KittyClan
heart charm bracelet:?
V neck shirt: Sweet Maiden Sims
Bodice/leg warmers Icon sims
af ballet shoe by Irink@a

-Swimwear: *corrected to Liana sims
Navel ring ladyfrontbum http://www.ladyfrontbum.com/
often running off somewhere

Photo credit: my furnished version of Qube Design's Fire-hall Loft

download Rain Michaels in .zip (.sim file) I will re-upload sims3pack when I have removed the non-default skin files.



  1. Nice work, she looks very realistic. Kind of funny I just make about 6 sims all artist. Anyway nice work. I like her cheek bones, and your other sims look quite interesting in the pic with rain.

  2. I love her everyday tank top... that's why I came to look, does anyone know where it's from?

  3. All my sims are artists --it's a trait I can't seem to resist. I'm glad you like her. Anon, I will post the tank info as soon as I get word.