Vintage Maps

Here they are.
Vintage maps for you to enjoy.
I'm already working on my next series of wall deco. A sample of the images can be found in an earlier post. Some map textures were just too wide to include in this set without serious distortion. Those few vintage maps will be made into large wall murals.

VINTAGE MAPS wallcharts series01, 12 variations included.

Variation of maps including one of Middle Earth (LOTR--pshhh no you're a geek! not me) and custom made vintage maps of Twinbrook, Sunset Valley and Riverview,  named in Simlish.
Visit the exotic places of the past with this collection of 12 vintage maps from around the world and beyond. Original mesh by baufive http://b5studio.blogspot.com/
The lovely rugs you see in this screenshots are also from baufive.
 Most of the photos were taken inside my LOFT building project (work in progress-see earlier posts for details)

additional credits:
-Peter and Inge for the ts3 Object cloner app.
-bigmusclepaul@TSR for the fireman loft house (bottom photo)
-the makers of GIMP (woohoo!)
-SIMale @inseminator for the simlish font used on some of the maps:

download in .package format from mediafire
*error in package content now fixed, pls download new .zip

HERE> (fixed)



  1. Yeah! These look wonderful in game - thank you so much for these - I love them :)

  2. Oh these are nice. It is good to see some more pictures on this very cool mesh! Thank you

  3. I love how these look, but, when I downloaded it, I couldn't find them in game, and then when I opened up the package, I realized it was just a .package format of the charts by Bau I already had, so could you please upload the maps?

  4. I apologize for the mix-up, thank you kindly for bringing it to my attention. The file is now complete.