Art is knowing which mistakes to keep.

It's been a pleasant and fulfilling journey to learn from the sims3 game engine and community thus far.

There was no way to foresee how much fun it could be to create and share for the sheer joy of it!
The sims modding community is like no other beehive on the web. It's unrivaled in the kindness and innovation demonstrated by its members with regards to sharing. Not only can you find custom content but you can find support and encouragement and most of all a helping hand.
Surely, I'm going to take Bau's lead and have a separate blog for creation discussion and technical aspects.
Also in the works is a photo/digital art blog although I might just make that a page if I can organize the photos nicely.

----This section is reserved for tutorial links, tools, reference websites.------------
Just working my way around all the functions for the time being.
Please leave a comment if you enjoy my work.
I have put alot of time into the graphics and the posts. There are many projects nearing completion so you can expect more downloads shortly.

There are now a few completed meshing tuts, and a folder overstuffed with meshes to be imported.
My sim bin is overflowing with pixelDolls yet I need to take some additional time to complete the credits process. I hope you find some wonder and inspiration from my labors, however great or small.

Wishing you joy and a-muse-ment,

a.k.a. grillcheesesammich 
a.k.a. Saffron