.dds format texture files for non-commercial use

Here are 33 of my texture files from my sci-fi exploration project (which is currently on hold)
texture/patterns in .dds format for TS3 creations. Some of these were created to make terrain paints and some were not. I think they would make wonderful CAS patterns, but I haven't really dabbled in that arena yet so feel free to make some! I have tons more textures, will post more later if there is any interest.
The terms of service from where I got the images for these prohibit commercial use so keep them FREE.

All that I ask is that you post back a link of what you made on my blog comments somewhere--so we I don't reinvent the wheel (so to speak), when I return to terrain paints and patterns projects at a later time. Only because it would be wasteful to spend time making these into patterns, for example, if you have already done so.

***DDS viewer for windows plug-in available @

created in gimp

download .zip file here.

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