Vintage Images, New Project

Samples of images I am working with for sim's artwork.
sample of the vintage maps I am using for default texture replacement with Bau's wallchart


  1. Beautiful images - I am very excited to see this project! How goes the milkshape tutelage? I have made some strides, but the UV Mapper pro is absolutely the way to go. It all started making sense at once - I hope you are having an easier time of it . . .

    Hope all is well with you :)

  2. Thanks Bau :) I will be putting aside my textures project to get these default replacements up and running. I was inspired by that eye chart to revisit your wonderful mesh.
    I'm pleased that you like the images I've chosen to work with.

    As far as meshing goes -it's going rather well. I was very excited to read your post about UV mapper pro actually because the UV mapping is making me rather fidgety when I fiddle with it.
    I can tell you have made strides and this encourages me greatly.

    A fat-phat folder, stuffed with many sci-fi meshes is waiting to be converted and imported so I can build some orbital fantasy worlds in CAW.

    I am well, thanks for asking--hope you are thriving past the tree incident full steam ahead. It's always nice to hear from you.