Upcoming Projects--Sneak'O'Peak

                                 I love her. She turned out better than I had hoped.
Faith Conners --almost done, just need to pull her CC together. That spikey eye mask took me forever to get presentable. I now have 17 copies of the same eye makeup named "FINAL_eye_Spikes.package" that were not so final after all :P That arm tattoo is gonna be a biznatch to make, I feel it.

Madison Paige of Heavy Rain.
I will be featuring renditions of all 4 main carachters in Heavy Rain plus the Taxidermist from the Chronicles chapter 1. Madi's loft is up first on the building agenda. I have handrawn maps of her loft strewn allover the office. Fun project.



  1. Wow I LOVE these two sims. They look so much like the characters, especially Madison. Definitely going to follow your blog in the future!

  2. thank you so much, I appreciate the encouragement =)