because I gotta have Faith

So I'm working on Faith Connors today.
Other than the obvious challenges with the CC armband and tattoo, she poses some good challenges with her bone structure.
She is Eurasion you see, and depending on what renditions you look at, her features vary quite a bit.
I thought the new Jiao skin from MTS would help render her in a more asian way but I soon realized her nose would need to be re-sculpted.
Aikea's skin gives her nose the shape I'm looking for and the tones seem right.

I'm happy with the way she appears in CAS, I just have to tweak her so she looks fabulous in gameplay.
The other thorn is that she only wears one glove on her left hand. Let's see if I can remove a glove without mucking up. Will report back with updates.


Made a Celeste for Faith. Celeste is the guide in the tutorial if that helps place her.
She is based on the character's conceptual sketches for the game.

The house from the photos is Qube Design's from TSR (bigmusclepaul)<--- my favorite builder.

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