Back from the Future, by Request

 was originally designed for the 2046 Mardi Gras Celebrations for the resident staff of the Sector7B disctrict on the space station AlphaMercuro. She was sheduled for recycling in 2066 but a kind-hearted maintenance man snuck her back to earth in a holo-shuttle time chamber just before the historical Sector4 solar flare experiments. She is gentle enough to care for human kind's children but robust enough to tow a car to safety. She is a highly programmed, well-mannered entertainer.

Shopping list:
-Mask by Jewell
-Hair by Amadeo's What it's worth Hair Pack
-Lipstick by Club Crimson
-Skin is Silk by Ladyfrontbum
http://www.ladyfrontbum.com/ as is the
Blusher by Ladyfrontbum
 I think she reverts to a human form in a swimsuit for some reason,  but they are supposedly hydrophobes so meh.

 *both file formats were compressed with Jfade's tool.
Download link in .sims3pack format:

Download link in .package format:

Just drop it into your mods folder and she should appear, CC and all in your custom sims bin =]

Do what you will with my dollies but give credit when due or link back to the blog.

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