Rock out !

Glennbury Hall: My Rendition of a Concert party lot for the whole fambly.

Thanks to Hippies67 for the basic layout of this stage which was made for I love NYC build-n-share week.
The original lot is available on the exchange.

SnackBar @McSimdal's
    same lot in Twinbrook but with additional landscaping (bigger lot)
"Hey Cheese, I would like to build a theatre/concert hall like this, where do I get the loot to make it nice?"
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that the:
-specialty track lighting and drumkit, mic stand, keyboard, speakers, synth stations are from Luna Sims Lulamai
-grand piano is from TSR as are the popcorn machine, coke dispensers and cups from the diner
-the hot air balloon is from Pro Sims
-the fully dressed doll is from JUST KIDDING! no dolls in muh game
- the payphone, softdrink machines and the icebox (ammiright?), newspaper dispenser, mailbox are from Aikea Guinea conversions
- you can replace the sims default flag with a country flag by grabbing a mod at MTS
-hibiscus flowers from TSR
-Golden Arches rabbithole sign from MTS

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