Spilling your Guts- Sci-fi Style

Photos and a download

        Meet Aphena Xi, time traveling sim. Born in the Mines of Tanizlar eons ago, Aphena travels the fabric of space-time looking to unravel it's mysteries and behold its beauty. Today she is nestled in the Oxycoral Reefs of her home planet. A time to rest and dream about new lands.

She is my favorite model, and I will be posting some photo series that feature her in settings ranging from space travel to steam-punk. Eventually all picture posts will be transferred to their own blog.

* indicates: not released yet Photo Credits: fish and sea life meshes Gamesir, Aphena'*s skin ladyfrontbum Asian, Sanskrit eye tattoo by GCS*, World file: Mines of Tanizlar* (Oxycoral lot) by GCS, Eyes "PrivateEyes" by GCS*, Swimsuit ?

This was the first custom package I ever created, it's been a loose end since mid-July. I plan on making a series of these, eventually.
Emhpb and I were chatting one day and she was kind enough to tutor me in creating this tattoo in Gimp.
Special thanks to her for making this project possible. She is a kind and patient instructor and I hope to collaborate with her more often in the future.

Bikini by Rustynail

Download Bio-mechanical Tattoo in package format 228kb plus jpeg preview image--please note this file was compressed with Jfade's tool: 

I will upload sims3pack when I can figure out how to get my thumbnail working for it but if you really can't live without the sims3pack, private msg me.


  1. I must say there are very few custom tattoos I've allowed myself to download because I know if I start it will be another addiction, but I MUST have this one. I love it completely and I appreciate you so much for sharing.

    I also totally love the setting you created for these photo shoots. I downloaded that stuff what feels like ages ago when it first came out and haven't actually found a use for it since but seeing it in such a creative and beautiful way in your shots here is really inspiring. Well done!

  2. Thanks for the feedback RD! I love to share with everyone but it gives me the greatest satisfaction to receive acclaim from other creators whom I admire and respect :)

  3. hey! That tattoo looks amazing!

    I was wondering if you could tell me where to find that under sea life set?